OOZE | Rocket Silicone Grinder with LED Light

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The Ooze Rocket Silicone Grinder is an innovative ultra-portable hand grinder. The end cap has an LED light to make night time seshes easier. Load the herb in and roll the Rocket either between your hands or against a hard surface. Works most efficiently with bud that is slightly drier or not so sticky.

This display is an incredible value for your shop. The five eye-catching colors stand out, and customers are often drawn to squish them in their hands while waiting in line. They make easy add-ons to any dry herb-related sale!


Rocket Display Silicone Grinder :

  • · Water Resistant
  • · Flexible Silicone Material
  • · LED Light
  • · Airtight, Seals Odors In
  • · Internal Teeth
  • · Non-Stick, Easy Clean

OOZE | Rocket Silicone Grinder with LED Light