OOZE | Slider Glass Blunt Display (24-Display)

$210.95 210.95

The Ooze Slider Glass Blunt Display is perfect for beginners. Slide out the inner tube, load up the chamber, and light it up! The capacity and feel of a blunt meets the easy loading and smooth hits of a glass piece.

This counter display contains 24 glass blunt sliders in 6 colors, in their own individual tubes. These pieces are sure to draw attention on your counter.  


Slider Glass Blunt :

  • · Highest Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • · Silicone Sleeve
  • · Portable
  • · Easy To Clean
  • · Weight: 3.2 lbs



  • 4 x Black Glass Sliders
  • 4 x Neon Green Glass Sliders
  • 4 x Hot Pink Glass Sliders
  • 4 x Neon Orange Glass Sliders
  • 4 x Rasta Tie Dye Glass Sliders
  • 4 x Black/Green Tie Dye Glass Sliders

OOZE | Slider Glass Blunt Display (24-Display)