Guidelines for Product Review Submission

We accept reviews for vaping products sold in the Philippines.

These can be anything from Ejuice, Attys, MODS, Tanks, Chargers, Batteries, etc

Please feel free to submit your reviews if you 

  1. Just used the product and you want to tell the community how good or bad it is. You can also add your contact info (email, vibr, phone, etc) and links to your site(s), Social media account(s), etc. 
  2. You sell that product and want to tell us about that product. Then you can add your contact information and links to your site(s), Social media account(s), etc. 

Submitting reviews about your products here will help your business get more visibility on the internet because your article will feed search engine results and more people on the net will learn that your product exists – and they will be able to reach you thru your contact information. 

Submit your reviews as an MS attachment via email to

You can submit AS MANY REVIEWS and AS MANY ENTRIES as you can, we will publish them all. The more entries you submit – the better!

Please include photos of the product

Try to make your review as objective as possible, but off course its okay to put your personal opinion; just be honest about it – readers will smell a phony from a mile.

Please be informed that we will place pols on the product so readers can also rate it. They will also be able to place comments on each articles (readers can comment below each post) – but keep in mind that these comments will be audited by the admin to avoid spammers and trolls.

We, the Admin will publish reviews of products and shops from time to time. But we will indicated if it came from the owner or from us. If we published your product on the site or if we added your shop in the directory and you want to add your content to it (add pictures, videos etc) – you should contact us via the contact form and send your content indicating the link of the page you wish to edit or add to

Cheers and VAPEON! Sincerely,

The PinoyVapers Admin