Epic Vape Lounge – Novaliches

*Disclaimer: this is a voluntary article. The writer is not affiliated nor is he receiving anything from said establishment, although I wish I did


Opening its doors on October of 2016, the Epic Vape Lounge has quickly become a go to place for those in the Holy Cross-San Bartolome area of Novaliches, QC. Located at the ground floor of the Nova Square mall in the Holy Cross area, the mall being located right beside the Quirino Highway just past the Bernardino General Hospital, this shop offers multiple juice lines, atomizers, mods, and supplies at a reasonable cost.

I’ve been a regular of the place, and I can honestly say that the staff are quite approachable, as well as knowledgeable with what they sell, so newbies and long-time vapers alike should have no problems either for getting advice for their first vape, to recommendations with regard to advanced regulated or mechanical devices.

They also offer food and drinks, it being a lounge that one may have while lounging at the shop. They also have a wide-screen tv that shows movies for their customers that hang out at the shop.

They also accept orders for shipping, in case of customers unable to go to the shop, as well as special orders in case of specific mods or attys that one may want to purchase that may not be currently in stock, for details you may ask at the shop.

They have a facebook page where they periodically post updates, be it reminders for the community or updates as to whenever they restock their inventory.

You may find them by simply searching “Epic Vape Lounge” on Facebook.