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MAGANDANG ARAW sa lahat ng mga Pinoy Vapers! 

cheers on smoke and vapor


Welcome to PinoyVapers.com, the one-stop site for all your Vaping needs in the Philippines. This website is for all vapers of ANY race, Vape Shop owners, Ejuice Sellers, resellers, or anyone who just wants to know more about “Vaping”.

Anyone who has any business related to Vaping in the Philippines are free to promote their products and/or services in this site – because that is what this site is all about. You can submit product reviews (for example a review of a certain ejuice that you sell or have used), articles related to vaping  – for example a How-to guide on how to Build an RDA Atty and then you can include your Business contact information and/or links to all your social media accounts or the website where you share your products.

Or you can be a simple vaper who is not running any business but would like to share his knowledge to the Vaping Community. then you are welcome to submit an article, – we would highly appreciate that!

You can also be a simple vaper who has tried a certain Ejuice and you really think that its SO BAD and you really want to rant about it? Or have you tried a product that turns out to be really nice? In that case please submit an article about that product!


Note: you should submit any entry as an attachment to an email to Article@PinoyVapers.com, you can also send VIDEOS as attachments IF IT WILL FIT in the email. If not then you should just upload that video somewhere like in YouTube and just send us a link to that video and we will just go ahead and embed that into an article.


Please include photos and possible video attachments into your entry. It will help your future prospects get an idea of your service. More pictures also increase search ranking and it can help your article appear in Google searches.


But off course the most important part of any entry is content. Google searches are driven by TEXT and Google (and other search engines) classify the results according to the “keywords” that the articles contain.


Preferably please submit your posts in English, that way even foreigners who are thinking of visiting the country or non-Filipino vapers who are already here will understand the content and therefore can become your future customers.

Remember that the Philippine Vaping world is very well known by other Vapers worldwide – for one there isn’t much smoking stigma present here in this country – for that Vapers aren’t really looked down upon as well (Anti smokers are usually also Anti Vapers), furthermore there are no strict rules or bans against vaping in the Philippines unlike in most parts of the USA or England  – and in the words of ThirdWorldStoner from Reddit, “Vaping in the Philippines is refreshingly…NORMAL! Foreigners also love that there are so many custom-made Vaping products (Pinoys are great in DIYing) manufactured right here in our country – while their single bat MOD has cost them 200 dollars, we can make something with similar quality for more than half the price.

For that reason most foreigners are already thinking of getting some of their vaping stuff here – and most of them are even considering staying here in our country for a while just to vape I AM NOT KIDDING!

BUT there is one huge problem – FILIPINO VAPING IS NOWHERE ON THE MAP!

You see when I want to know more about a certain product that is sold here – let’s say an eJuice no one here has ever tried in my closest shop like Omega Ejuice Secret flavor. I tried to google it but to no avail! There isn’t any site out there that will give me local Vaping product review, or directions of where can I buy this Atty or that. Yes Facebook has many groups on Vaping, but they are rarely searchable on Google and you need to join each and every one of them and browse through all of the posts.

The Market is in the NET

So I hope this site will help improve the Filipino Vaping industry and make it easier for consumers search for services and products and at the same time to help the people who run any Ecig-related business or sell vaping products to reach their market.

And as we all know the market is moving to the internet quite quickly and everyone who needs something or want more information about anything under the sun (especially on something that they will spend money on) tend to do a Google search first and foremost.

If the Filipino Vaping Industry intends to keep up or meet the current demands of the market; WE,the  Pinoy Vapers must work on our internet presence! And that is where we hope to help out, to make us known and to help you guys promote your businesses and reach more people.

Sincerely yours,

PinoyVapers Admin, VAPEON!!

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